BOLESNO GRINJE - Pobjeda je naša


In the beginning of year 2000 Hoc-bass guitar player (ex Anti Otpad) and Rio-drummer (Desinence Mortification) have decided to make a band that will play something new in the Croatian extreme music scene, so they made some combination of hard core crust with some grind parts.

In a short time Mrki-guitar player (Screaming Vagina) and Angeri-vocal (ex S.M.C.) have joined band, and that was Bolesno Grinje crew till the beginning of year 2002 than Mrki decided to quit and new member has joined Bolesno Grinje this was Jule-guitar player (ex Anti Otpad) and this is final crew of Bolesno Grinje, and it is like this nowadays too.

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